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Laurel & Alex | 05.07.15 | Taughannock State Park

It was a late spring following a long Ithaca winter as the trees were just beginning to green. Laurel and Alex made their wedding vows on a beautiful, sunny afternoon at Taughannock State Park with a tranquil Cayuga Lake backdrop. It was a beautiful event that ended with a magnificent sunset. Congratulations to my lovely friends! May your love blossom ever so greater with each new spring.

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Ellena at 6 Months!

Sweet baby Ellena capped off her first 6 months with a wonderful photo session with her lovely mommy and her favorite Tia Carly while visiting in Ithaca, NY! We dallied among the beautiful wildflowers of Cornell’s Arboretum while the evening sun grew ever more golden. Baby was a trooper and everyone was a pleasure to photograph. And what better way to end our photoshoot at the Cornell Plantations than with giant BUBBLES!!!

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